Monday, 1 March 2010

Went to Twickenham on Saturday

Hi everyone, what a beautiful start to March, today is bright and sunny, the birds are singing, what more could we ask for? ..... more of the same please!

Rob and I went to Twickenham on Saturday to watch the England v Ireland rugby match and what an exciting day it was! I have to say that I am a big rugby fan although I haven't a clue when it comes to the rules! Our Son and Daughter in law bought us the tickets for Chistmas (what a fantastic Christmas present).

We went up to Twickenham on the train, neither of us had travelled by train for goodness knows how many years but we were pleasantly surprised as to how comfortable, warm and clean they were, they were all running to time too and the staff were extremely helpful so we had a good journey. We had to change trains at Clapham Junction and that is where "rugby fever" began ... I have never seen so many huge men! I am tall but I was dwarfed by these chaps, it was all very good natured, English and Irish supporters packed together like sardines for the 15 minute journey, then everyone spilled out and all you could see was a sea of people making their way to the stadium. We had superb seats, on the second tier, behind and slightly to the right of the goal posts (I suppose they are called goal posts?)so the view of the pitch was brilliant, and we were under cover which was just as well as we had a terrific downpour part way into the game.

Unlike football matches the fans at rugby matches are not segregated so were were in amongst lots of Irish supporters and the atmosphere was electric but very good natured with not a hint of trouble.

By the end of the match (England didn't win but it was a great game) I was hoarse with so much shouting and cheering ... imagine the scene .... 18000 fans spilling out of the stadium, I had to hang onto Rob for dear life as there was no way we would have found each other again if we had got parted, but the same wonderful chamaraderie was still there as both sets of fans laughed, joked and chatted about the match together as we all inched our way towards either the town centre or the train station.

Our younger Son met us at Southampton station and drove us home, it was around 10pm when we got home, we were both exhausted after a long but wonderful and very memorable day ..... thank you so much Adrian, Deb, Lewis and Rachel for our wonderful Christmas present!