Saturday, 17 September 2011


Isn't this a great photo? It's Spooky catching his ball, I'm not sure if it was Adrian or Rachel who took it but I love it!
Lewis goes to Birmingham University tomorrow, I'm sure Deb is in a state of emotional turmoil, I know I am!!!
I've just spoken to Lewis, he's amazing it doesn't seem to phaze him at all.
Total change of subject ..... we've been out today to get Bonnie a new winter wardrobe! OK a new waterproof jacket and a lead. We have been invited to my niece's wedding on 5th November and as we don't have a "baby" sitter Bonnie will have to go too. We've checked with the Hotel and they are fine about it (and she has been to church before and is very well behaved) but a girl does need a new outfit to look her best! Hence the new outfit .... a stylish light grey jacket with reflective stripe and a red plaited lead (to match her red harness (when she wears that she knows it is best behaviour and not just walkies) and who knows, I may just make her a matching corsage!
Craftaway Saturday is well underway now, I have just approved the "proof" for the advertisement in the local freebie mag. "The Herald" so we will very soon be "famous" or should that be notorious?! I'm so excited about it (the nerves may kick in later~!)

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Time is flying

Time at the moment seems to be flying by. It's next Sunday that Lewis goes to University, just over a week ago Adrian and Deb invited both families to a meal at a Spanish Restaurant and Tapas Bar. It was a combination of Lewis's 19th Birthday, well done in his A levels (and Rachel's GCSE taken early)and farewell. We had a great time and a lovely meal. I thought that was the last time I would see Lewis until Christmas, then Friday evening Adrian rang to ask if they could all come over Saturday afternoon .... a wonderful surprise, they stayed for tea so that was a special bonus visit, sadly I now know that I won't see Lewis again until Christmas. Still look on the bright side .... it won't be long before it is here!! (that's a bright side? ... what am I saying?!)

The posters are now going up for Craftaway Saturday and we already have our first customers booked .... all very exciting. We now have tomorrow and next Wednesday to get the final preparations done as then we are each on holiday on consecutive weeks, after which there will be one more Wednesday get together with the three of us before the Workshop!!!

Friday, 9 September 2011

Craftaway Saturday

Can I have a roll of the drums please to get your attention?! ....... I can now give you the news that has been getting me so excited .... our new venture, or should that be adventure?

The two Sue's and myself are about to hold our first of what we hope will be many crafting workshops. The first is to be a full day workshop on Saturday 29th October which we have called "Craftaway Saturday". It will a chance to learn about colours, textures, try out different craft mediums, learn new techniques and generally have a play and meet other like minded people. We will provide everything needed for an enjoyable day, all materials, morning coffee and biscuits, a ploughmans lunch and afternoon tea and a cupcake ..... can't be bad eh?

This is the poster that we have produced, so if you live anywhere near Dibden Purlieu in Hampshire then do come along and join us you will be made very welcome.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Exciting times

Goodness, where is the time going? Is it really 3 months since my last post?

What has been happening? Well my wonderful Grandson Lewis got his A level results through, he needed A passes in Maths and Pure Maths plus a B in any other subject to get into the university of his choice, but he did one better and got A* in both Maths and pure maths and B's in French and computing so Birmingham here he comes!

Then my beautiful Granddaughter Rachel got a B in English GCSE, which she took early as she is only 14 .... well done Rachel.

What else? .... well I entered a stitched beaded card into the local Horticultural and Craft Show and won First Prize (a very minor achievement compared to my Grandchildren but I was well chuffed), here's a photo of the card.

AND ... my two crafting friends Sue I and Sue M have something VERY exciting in the pipeline I'll tell you more about that later so watch this space as they say!