Monday, 6 April 2009

If I could give a heroine of the week award it would definitely go to my 12 year old Granddaughter Rachel. On Saturday her Mum Deb and big brother Lewis had gone into town and she was at home with her Dad Adrian, they were unloading the dishwasher when (Adrian is a bit vague as to what happened here) he felt a sharp pain and his leg gave way leaving him on his knees unable to get up. He decided the best thing to do was to lie flat on the kitchen floor until the pain subsided and he could roll onto his side, then onto his hands and knees and get up from there. Unfortunately this didn't happen and he was now flat on his back and unable to move. Rachel must have been very frightened but she kept calm, handed her Dad the phone so that he could ask Deb to return home, then found the phone number of NHS Direct who contacted the Paramedics. Deb and the Paramedics arrived at the house at around the same time and Adrian was given gas and air to relax the muscles in his back so that they could help him up. He has an appointment today to hopefully find out what happened and receive treatment, but well done Rachel, we are all very proud of you.

I think last week must have been a week of mishaps for the Matthews family. I was running late for a doctors appointment and as I rushed to close a window the latch caught behind my wedding ring and as I turned .... well you can imagine the rest (good job my appointment was with my GP!) luckily I took off my ring straight away as I certainly wouldn't have got it off later. Nothing was broken, just a badly bruised finger and a deep cut which the Nurse dressed for me. The next day I was explaining what had happened to my friend Sue and somehow whilst waving my hands around (cut my hands off and I'm rendered speechless!) I managed to stick my finger nail into my cheek!!!

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