Friday, 31 October 2008

Friday 31 October 2008

Well I made it back again so it looks as though you could be reading my ramblings for a while yet.

It's a beautiful morning here in Hampshire, the sun is shining but there is an icy wind, it was bitterly cold down on the beach this morning as I walked Bonnie. I'm lucky enough to live in a lovely part of Hampshire, right on the edge of the New Forest and about 3 miles from the beach. I usually walk Bonnie on the beach especially during the winter as the Forest is very peaty and gets very boggy in places. This is a view from the car park above the beach ..... beautiful isn't it?

I was going to introduce you to Bonnie and show you a photo of her but the photo kept appearing next to the one above instead of here so I'll introduce you next time. There must be a way of putting the photos where you want them .... I'll persevere with that!
I'll be back again very soon, thanks for joining me.


Sally Bentham said...

Jan that view is georgous, I would sit in the car for ages looking at that, with a flask of coffee and a craft magazine. :)

You seem to be getting the hang of it. Look forward to seeing more.


Caro said...

gorgeous photo! Lucky you beig so near the beach.