Monday, 3 November 2008

I'm so excited as my friends on the CM&P forum that I belong to have found me (thank for all your help and lovely comments and thanks Sally for sorting it out for me.) I can now ramble away in the knowledge that I am not talking solely to myself! (as I usually do!!)
I had a fantastic day yesterday as I went with two crafting friends to a "Crafting Extravaganza" in Ringwood. It was great and as I had my birthday money with me I was able to buy lots and lots of goodies and I got some great ideas from some of the demonstrations.

I promised to introduce you to Bonnie, my beloved dog and constant companion, she is a 6 year old adorable Westie and as you can no doubt guess I love her to bits. My first job every morning Monday to Friday is to take her for a walk (Rob takes her Saturday and Sunday), the day can't begin until we have had our walk together. Here is a photograph of her (well it will appear somewhere but I can't guarantee where!). You see, I said it would appear somewhere ... I just didn't expect it to be up at the top there!! You never know, I may just get the hang of this blogging some day!!
Thanks for joinging me.


Sally Bentham said...

Bonnie is adorable, I love westies, and your welcome Jan you had just put an extra letter in that was all. I've done it myself in the past.

Caro said...

What a cute Westie!

Angelswings_2 said...

such a cutie! awwwww