Monday, 15 June 2009

Well it's been a busy few days, Thursday wasn't too good for Bonnie, when I took her for her walk she started carrying her front paw and before we had even got half way across the first meadow she wasn't putting it down at all ... walk aborted and a visit to the Vet which Bonnie hates. The Vet couldn't find anything in or between her pads but felt a lump on the top of her paw so that area was shaved for a better look and sure enough there was a lump that began swelling almost visibly. The Vet said the lump needed to "pop" but didn't want to do it because of distressing Bonnie even more so I was given antibiotics and anti-inflamatories which I was to give her along with hot salt baths for the infected paw and if the lump hadn't popped by Saturday I was to take her back to have it lanced. To cut a long story short the lump did pop that evening and she is now well on the way to recovery.

Over the weekend we went up to my Brother's in Wantage near Oxford for my Nephew's 21st Birthday bash, we had a lovely time and the weather was lovely, really hot and sunny, which was just as well as it was held in the garden. I made a never ending card for my Nephew which he thought was fantastic, so although it took ages to make it was worth the effort.

I come from a large family but as we are now scattered all around the Country we don't manage to get together very often, however another of my Brother's arrived with his teenage daughter but she was on crutches, she is at College doing an equestrian management course and she fell of her horse and fractured her pelvis in three places!! Ouch! But she is young and very fit so she is progressing very quickly and can't wait to get back to college and her beloved horses.

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