Wednesday, 24 June 2009

What a nightmare!

What a nightmare this last week has been. My 94 year old Mother in Law (who lives in the Midlands and we live down here in Hampshire) fell last Wednesday and fractured her femur close to the connecting hip joint and we were told she would need an operation to correct it. She was admitted to Hospital but they couldn't operate straight away as MiL had a chesty cough which they had to try and improve before she could have an anaesthetic. As the week progressed she was scheduled to go to theatre each day but each day her chest hadn't improved enough, then Monday her blood count dropped so she had to have a small transfusion. Yesterday however her blood count had improved, as had her chest so she was scheduled to have her operation yesterday afternoon. We duly rang the Hospital yesterday evening to be told that all operations yesterday had been cancelled!!

Today is another day though and she went down to theatre this morning, it is fingers crossed now that everything went well and she can begin the road to recovery.

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Crafty Chris said...

Hi Jan sorry to hear the news im a bit behind the times just started blogging again since April moved back home. whats the news on your MIL, hopefully good.
Christine x