Saturday, 23 January 2010

The GI has arrived!

No not the American Serviceman, the GI diet! Rob really needs to lose some weight, his BMI has gone into the red and I need to lose a few pounds (or more!) myself, so when my friend Sue told me about the GI diet sessions that were going to begin at the beauty salon where she works I thought it would be ideal for Rob. He has tried dieting before but hasn't got the willpower to go it alone, here he goes up to the salon each week for the group session (very small groups so he doesn't feel intimidated), he is weighed (privately, no one else knows how much he weighs) and given support and guidance. I am his "Buddy" so I will be doing the diet with him but I won't be going to the support sessions.

The weekend is not really the ideal time to start a diet though (but since next weigh in is Thursday evening it couldn't be delayed!). We eat sensibly all week but weekends we tend to relax somewhat. Friday evening we usually open a bottle of red wine to have with our evening meal then later in the evening we will have a Gin and Tonic. Not this weekend.... I made a chicken curry (a GI recipe) so that we wouldn't miss the wine (well you can't have wine with curry can you?), but a glass of water or green tea is not the same as a G&T!! I had made some GI carrot muffins and wholemeal fruit scones during the afternoon, after our mammoth shop for "healthy" foodstuff, so we each had a muffin late evening, they were delicious so it made up a little for the missed G&T.

Homey Porridge for breakfast this morning instead of our usual hot buttered toast and homemade jam, but it was surprisingly tastey and very filling (I couldn't manage all of my portion). Rob then went off to help our Son with some work and I stayed to do some more baking, I've made Mini Breakfast Puffs (they don't look very mini!!), Cranberry Cinnamon Bran Muffins and some Apple Pie Cookies, can't wait to try them. This evening instead of steak and chips and a glass of wine we will be having Pork Medallions Dijon (the recipe sounds rather good) with new potatoes and veg .... and with it we'll be having water!!!! We had been invited over to our Son and Daughter in law for tea today but I thought it better to take a rain check.

I know it will be easier when our first weekend is over as we don't have wine etc every evening, but for now ..... sigh (makes me sound like an alki doesn't it?)

I'll let you know how we get on (that's if you're not bored to death already!).

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