Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Bad day!

Have you ever felt really, really, really stupid??!! ... Read on ....

Yesterday was not a good day, it began at around 1.50am (yes that is AM!) when the smoke alarm outside our bedroom door went off. I lept out of bed and bent to grab my dressing gown, not the best idea when you have a bad back (I put it out last Wednesday and it WAS improving thanks to my Osteopath). Thankfully it turned out to be a false alarm, the battery was running low! (in the smoke alarm not my back)but I couldn't get back to sleep so of course I felt shattered from the moment I got up. Anyway after taking Bonnie for her walk along the beach I got home and put the breadmaker on (or tried to) I put in the ingredients, set the programme, switched on, and off it went ... for all of one rotation of the blades then nothing ... no sign of life at all. I changed the fuse (pretty impressive eh?) flipped on the switch and ..... nothing it was completely dead. I spent the next half hour searching for the receipt, eventually found it then realized the machine was two and a half years old, now I know that is not considered that old but as it is used almost every day I thought it wasn't too bad going so the next step was to get on the old internet and ordered another one.

Nothing too stupid so far ... I cleaned the oven, I did crispy roast duck for dinner on Saturday and it was delicious BUT ... well I bet Delia doesn't have to clean her own oven! and all that twisting and stretching did my back no good at all either.

Then the Plumber arrived to fit a new tap on the kitchen sink, our old one sprang a leak at the weekend, Rob took it apart thinking it would be just a washer to replace, but no, something had broken inside so he had to go out to buy a new one, hence the Plumber to fit it (you don't really think I would let Rob loose fitting a tap do you?! ... DO BE SERIOUS!!!)

Where was I? Oh yes after dinner Rob replaced the fuse AGAIN, he said to check that I hadn't used a dud one ... Mmmmm! .... NOTHING, then he turned the machine around to check that the wire leading from the machine ...... and there on the back was an on/off switch!!!!! I have had that blessed machine for two and a half years and didn't even know the switch was there Aaarrrrrrh! I still don't know why it switched itself off though but stupid or what???

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