Monday, 28 June 2010

Phew what a scorcher!

Isn't this weather absolutely glorious? Long may it continue.

Alan's best mate (Alan is my Son) is emigrating to Canada next month and we have been invited to his farewell "do" so I have made him a little (slightly tongue in cheek) booklet of things he might miss when he leaves good old Blighty. It is in the shape of a concertina and I have decorated both sides using photos, stamping and downloads. The box to put it in is a sort of exploding box. I shall now attempt to show you some photos but as I have a brand new computer that although it is super fast doesn't resemble my old XP version at all so everything is taking me ages to work out where to find things and how to use them when I do eventually find them .... if you see what I mean! Anyway fingers crossed .... here goes.

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