Thursday, 22 January 2009

I've received an award

I've received this lovely award from Frances (CMof3), thank you Frances. Now I have to list 5 things that I am addicted to then choose 5 people to forward the award to, so here goes .... Five things I am addicted to in no particular order:-

1. Crafting
2. Blog challenges
3. My family and Bonnie my little dog
4. Shopping for crafting goodies
5. Mahjong (played on the computer)

Now I have a problem, I've lost the instructions on how to link each name with their blog (if anyone can enlighten me I would be very grateful) so all I can do is list the names .... sorry people

Card Crafty Julie
Sally Bentham


Sally said...

Thanks Jan. It means a lot to recieve encouragement every now and again doesn't it.

tracie said...

Hi Jan, congrats on your award hun, so well deserved and thank yo so much for passing it along to me.
I'll pop a post on my blog later
thanks again hun
Tracie :)x

Sally said...

Hi Jan, to add a link you do this
but don't leave any gaps. Hope this helps

Sally said...

Sorry Jan will pm you on the forum and show you what to put. ignore the last comment.