Friday, 23 January 2009

Sunrise and Sunsets

It looks as though we are in for a fantastic sunset tonight (make a change from all the rain of the last few evenings). This morning began with heavy rain and blustery winds, I delayed taking Bonnie for her walk until about 8.30am when it looked as though it was easing off somewhat. By the time I had struggled into my wet weather gear (looking like a cross between Nanook of the North and Mr Blobby!!)and driven down to the beach it was 8.50am and the rain had stopped although the skies were very ominous looking. We had a quick walk as I was certain the heavens were about to open again and I didn't relish the thought of getting soaking wet. Anyway by late morning the sun was out and we have had a glorious day, hence the lovely sunset. I took some photos down on the beach a couple of mornings ago when again we had quite dramatic skies, here are a couple of them.

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Sally said...

They are beautiful pictures jan.
They would look lovely as a print on the wall.