Thursday, 6 November 2008

I had the shock of my life this morning! I was cleaning upstairs when Bonnie came running up and almost attached herself to my ankle. Where I went, she went .... unheard of ... she thinks cleaning is boring (can't say I blame her). Anyway when I had finished upstairs I carried the vacuum cleaner down ready to do downstairs, Bonnie usually runs down in front of me but this morning she refused to come down. As I walked into the living room there on the floor was a dead bird! It was a collared dove which I think must have flown in through the open back door and as they are such nervous creatures I assume it died of fright (it's a wonder I didn't join it!). At this point my brave guard dog!!!! came down to see what was happening. I suppose this will remain one of life's little mysteries ..... The mystery of how a dead bird came to end up on my living room carpet! .... do you think I could make a best seller out of it? Maybe not.

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Sally Bentham said...

That must have been a terrible shock for you Jan. Our cat used to bring presents in for me. Once he brought in a rat, it was still alive but not enough to move if you know what I mean.