Friday, 21 November 2008

I'm in the doghouse!

Yes, I'm well and truly in the doghouse with the dog! Let me explain ... we were walking back across the fields above the beach when Bonnie found this old discarded ball, it used to be one of those squeaky things but this had long since lost its squeak and it was punctured so that when she picked it up it was squashed into half a ball, but no matter it was her find of the day. She couldn't wait to get back to the car with her treasure, no time now for sniffing at every blade of grass or chasing rabbits, she was well in front of me but when she looked round to see what was taking me so long I almost fell about laughing as the ball looked like a set of those false lips you can buy.

We arrived home and she was scratching at the front door in a flash, treasure still in her mouth, she was like a bank robber with police in hot pursuit. When she had her treasure safely indoors she started throwing it about and generally having a great time .... until I saw her chewing something, closer inspection revealed her treasure was perished and all the throwing around was making bits fall of it. Well I couldn't risk her choking so the ball had to be confiscated!

Bonnie was most put out, she hunted all around the house, in the large pot that is used as a walking stick stand, she was dancing around on her hind legs trying to see if I had put it on top of the chest of drawers, I was "frisked" and had to show her my hands to prove the ball wasn't there, then out into the garden, I think she sniffed every last inch looking for this blessed ball.

I now feel really guilty .... I'll have to buy her a new toy tomorrow when I go shopping, just to ease my conscience!!

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