Sunday, 9 November 2008

I have decided that I quitel like cold wet Sundays. Think about it ...... it's too wet to work in the garden so what better time to concentrate on crafting. I'm guilt free this afternoon as this morning I made the bread rolls for tomorrows packed lunches, did the ironing, cleaned the kitchen and prepared the first of this years onions ready for pickling tomorrow, they should then be ready for Christmas. I must get some red peppers though to make lots of red pepper and chilli jelly for my Granddaughter, she loves it.

The preserves shelf is looking pretty good at the moment, there are still a couple of jars of Cognac and orange marmalade from earlier this year, together with this years Rosehip and apple jelly and Crab apple jelly and tomorrow will see the start of the ever increasing pickled onions. So now ..... on with some crafting!

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