Monday, 17 November 2008

Right, I've calmed down a little now after the excitement of finding out I had won last week's Penny Black Challenge. I am feeling extremely tired after a very hectic but enjoyable weekend. Our friends from Liverpool came down on Friday for the weekend, then on Saturday my Brother and his family came down from Oxford for the day, my eldest Son and his family unfortunately couldn't come so instead of the 15 I expected to be catering for there were 4 less, not that that made any difference to the noise levels!! I had forgotten how boisterous teenage boys could be when they get together!!

Our friends loved the stitched photo I made for Maureen's 60th birthday, this is a (not very flattering) photo of them with the picture, Jimmy's looking very serious (not like him at all!) and I think Maureen blinked! Maureen asked me to make a fun card for her boss who is Irish, this is what I've come up with, I hope she (and he) likes it.

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Sally Bentham said...

Great Picture Jan and love the card.